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My First Ouija Board

Pink Ouija board saying "because making it pink makes the possibility of summoning a demon OK"

This product offends me. Not because I think Ouija boards can accidentally (or deliberately!) summon demons.  If we could accidentally summon supernatural beings they’d be everywhere.  Moreover, of all the things that might accidentally bring forth the powers of darkness, a mass-produced printed piece of cardboard seems pretty far down the list. However, belief in divination is at least quasi-religious, and marketing religion as a toy is pretty insulting.  Marketing it to kids is reprehensible. Marketing Religion Hasbro has been

Reign TV Fashion Endorsements?

Remember when I crucified the costuming on Reign?  Well, today I stumbled onto a tumblr dedicated entirely to Reign‘s costuming.  It’s pretty much an advertisement for modern designers, showing the costumes on the show and then the same items on a modern model as depicted for sale, sometimes with a link to an appropriate website for purchase. This would certainly explain the continuing ridiculous non-historicity of their costumes.  But, really, CW, are you really that cheap?  You committed to a

What is She Wearing? The Musketeers Edition

I’ve quite taken to the BBC program The Musketeers, based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.  I particularly appreciate: Dropping the “three” from the title, since it’s really about a group of four.  One’s just a Musketeer sidekick. The musketeers actually have muskets, which you never see in screen adaptations.  I get they aren’t as sexy as swords, but, seriously, musketeer. I get to see a season of Peter Capaldi before he joins Doctor Who in August. So far,

The Bearded Pharaonic Lady; also, Weird Popular Depictions

Statue of hepshepsut

This post spiraled off from my last post, as frequently happens. You know you’re looking at a pharaoh in ancient Egyptian artwork by looking at his hat.  There’s several different hats, but all of them are only worn by pharaohs.  Moreover, there’s a square beard also only worn by pharaohs.  That means when you see the above image, it’s got to be a pharaoh because only pharaohs have that headdress and beard. Even if that statue is a woman, which

A Religion of Ignorance, also Geocentricism is Apparently Still a Thing


This explains an awful lot about certain members of deeply conservative religious right who tout such winning ideas as: Creation science Women not being able to get pregnant by legitimate rape (Rep. Todd Akin) Windmills using up non-renewable wind resources (Rep. Joe Barton) Carbon dioxide not being a harmful substance (Rep. Michelle Bachmann) Geocentric universe Seriously, geocentricism.  Galileo Was Wrong is an entire website devoted to it, written by a man who “obtained a Ph.D. in religious studies from the

Aliens, the Apocalype, and Truckers or Welcome to the “History” Channel

What I Got from the History Channel

In its early years, the History Channel was full of historical programming.  Most of it was about World War II, so damn near everyone called it the Hitler Channel, but it was actually history. Today, not only do I not watch the History Channel, I actively warn people away from it.  Cracked.com, which requires quite a bit of Internet sourcing for articles, does not accept History.com as a valid source. Why?  Because history is hard.  It requires research and fact-checking

Will the Real St. Valentine Please Stand Up? or Why I Hate the History Channel

A couple of months ago, I did a post about St. Valentine and how he has nothing to do with modern, secular celebrations of Valentine’s Day.  I mentioned how hard it was to find good info online because so many sources mix-up folklore and urban legend with actual history. And it just got a little harder. My original post was inspired by a meme that featured this image: The original meme included the words: Roses are red, violets are blue,

Cast and Crew Defend “Noah”

In an amazing fluff piece on ABCnews.com, Noah (“It’s Like the Bible…with Explosions“) designer Mark Friedberg explained the effort put into creating the ark: In a featurette released by Paramount, Freidberg described the ark’s basic construction. “The ramp is meant to serve one function, for reptiles to be able to get up there, for mammals to be able to get in there and for birds to fly up the top,” he said. Well, that’s very clever of him.  I mean, he

“Reign” Fashion Disasters, or Dear Gods, Kill Me Now

I am not a fashion-nazi.  I am not going to complain because the hem is a bit off or you’re not using the right buttons.  I’m not going to quibble over whether that dress is from the 1550s or the 1560s.  Nor am I expecting a CW show to have costumes as sumptuous as those on The Tudors, which could afford a much larger budget. But can’t CW’s Reign at least go for “vaguely Renaissance”?  I’d quip about it’s lack of

“Reign” Disaster Train

When the CW announced it was going to do a historical drama in the form of Reign, I knew it was going to be bad. Maybe not Noah bad, but bad. First hint? While the show is clearly about a royal character, the advertisements never said which royal character…as if it really doesn’t matter. Although, in looking at the way they’ve approached it, it may indeed not actually matter. Just think about the name: Reign. It’s not even Queen. “Reign”

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