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Everything There Isn’t to Know about Tut

Tut on Spike TV

I would have loved to have been in the programming meeting at Spike TV the day the miniseries Tut was conceived. I envision some very brave visionary suggesting that what the network really needed to round out its schedule of Cops, Jail, and World’s Wildest Police Videos was a historical drama. Then, someone else, probably very drunk, put forth a club-footed, incestuous, Egyptian boy king depicted as an everyman hero as being the proper topic of such a drama. The

7 Reasons to Stop Comparing the Game of Thrones TV Series to the Books

Song of Ice and Fire books

There’s plenty of people frustrated with Game of Thrones. Over the last five seasons, significant details have changed in comparison to the original Song of Ice and Fire books. Entire plotlines have been dropped, while new ones have developed. Many characters have had their roles vastly diminished, or they’ve been axed altogether. People aren’t where they’re geographically supposed to be. There’s really only one thing to do. Get over it. Think about this: have you ever seen a movie or

The Black Widow Conundrum and Joss Whedon

Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Warning: Here there be Spoilers The twitterverse exploded this week with @josswhedon being flooded with accusations of misogyny, a bizarre situation considering he’s famous for strong female characters. He did give us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after all, featuring TVs strong female lead since the 1970s Wonder Woman. When someone asked, “So, why do you write these strong female characters?” his now-famous response was, “Because you’re still asking me that question.” So…Whedon a misogynist? How did that happen? Black Widow’s

“Wolf Hall” Gives New Spin to Tudor Drama

Thomas Cromwell, Wolf Hall, (c)BBC

PBS is currently airing the six-part drama Wolf Hall, originally created for BBC2.  It’s set during the reign of the Tudor king Henry VIII, a popular topic of British historical dramas, but with a unique focus.  Rather than focusing on Henry himself, the focus is on Thomas Cromwell, a middle-class lawyer who quickly rose through the ranks only to fall from favor and eventually be gruesomely executed for treason. Focus on a New Character Dramas of this period generally focus

“The Musketeers” Quandary; or, a Question of Timing

The Musketeers (c) BBC

While many people have not read Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, most people have probably seen at least one movie based off of it. They probably immediately associate swordfighting with it although, as musketeers, there really should be some guns included. They probably also think of Cardinal Richelieu as a greedy, self-serving villain and Louis XIII as an inept and easily manipulated king. As an Aside: While Alexandre Dumas was born and raised in France, he was a quarter black,

TV’s Constantine Does Its Comic Book and Real World Homework

Constantine TV promotional image

After Keanu Reeves’ horrific Constantine movie, I think pretty much everyone cringed at the idea of a TV version. They needn’t have worried. Both myself, with my academic occult knowledge, and my husband, a huge comic book aficionado, came away from the pilot episode unconditionally pleased. The general premise is similar to CW’s long-running Supernatural:  a man who fights demonic forces imperceptible to most people.  It’s a more sophisticated approach, however.  Supernatural (which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong) is

CSI’s Missing Evidence About Wicca

CSIs looking at something

Every few years, a TV series decides to tackle the topic of Wicca, particularly around Halloween. This year, the offender is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Often, the point of such episodes is to defend Wicca (albeit usually with watered down versions of actual beliefs), but the bizarre mix of misinformation, condescension and painful stereotypes leaves in wondering what was even intended. “I’ve seen this stuff before…this wackjob killed a couple in a sacrifice to the moon god.” “So what is

Reign TV Fashion Endorsements?

Remember when I crucified the costuming on Reign?  Well, today I stumbled onto a tumblr dedicated entirely to Reign‘s costuming.  It’s pretty much an advertisement for modern designers, showing the costumes on the show and then the same items on a modern model as depicted for sale, sometimes with a link to an appropriate website for purchase. This would certainly explain the continuing ridiculous non-historicity of their costumes.  But, really, CW, are you really that cheap?  You committed to a

Angelic Morality in Dominion and History

Michael Causing the Flood on Dominion

Dominion on SyFy is based on the premise that God has vanished, and most of the lower angels tried to wipe out humanity as they blamed humans for offending God.  Michael, the one angel to side with humanity, believed God’s disappearance was a test for the angels, which they failed. The first episode really impressed me with its use of historical concepts of angels that don’t usually show up in fiction.  None of the episodes have been as clever, although

What is She Wearing? The Musketeers Edition

I’ve quite taken to the BBC program The Musketeers, based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.  I particularly appreciate: Dropping the “three” from the title, since it’s really about a group of four.  One’s just a Musketeer sidekick. The musketeers actually have muskets, which you never see in screen adaptations.  I get they aren’t as sexy as swords, but, seriously, musketeer. I get to see a season of Peter Capaldi before he joins Doctor Who in August. So far,

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