Reign TV Fashion Endorsements?

Remember when I crucified the costuming on Reign?  Well, today I stumbled onto a tumblr dedicated entirely to Reign‘s costuming.  It’s pretty much an advertisement for modern designers, showing the costumes on the show and then the same items on a modern model as depicted for sale, sometimes with a link to an appropriate website for purchase.

This would certainly explain the continuing ridiculous non-historicity of their costumes.  But, really, CW, are you really that cheap?  You committed to a “historical” drama without the budget to make appropriate costumes?

Seriously, I’d take crappy costumes over this.  There’s lots of poorly dressed historical drama.  Is the CW exchanging costuming services for free promotion?  Why would you not set just your show in the modern day?  It’s not like you’re telling a historical story anyway.  The whole process seems a bit ass-backward.

Also, you’re free to complain about my dislike of such a ludicrous show.  However, you should probably not start it with “omg puhleez.”  Although I was amused by the complaint that I was being “overly technical” about the dresses (the same way I would be overly technical by refusing to call a Volkswagon Beetle a Dodge Ram) and the accusation that I do not appreciate “the costumes for their beauty” (which is irrelevant, but nice try dodging the point).

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