Cast and Crew Defend “Noah”

In an amazing fluff piece on, Noah (“It’s Like the Bible…with Explosions“) designer Mark Friedberg explained the effort put into creating the ark:

In a featurette released by Paramount, Freidberg described the ark’s basic construction.

“The ramp is meant to serve one function, for reptiles to be able to get up there, for mammals to be able to get in there and for birds to fly up the top,” he said.

Well, that’s very clever of him.  I mean, he didn’t just want a random ramp with no idea what they were going to do with it.

Another article on ABCnews reflects impressions from actors.  Says Russell Crowe: “Geez, it was an experience.”

Jennifer Connelly jumped in to defend the movie against accusation the story is just not true to the Biblical story of Noah: “Really, it’s true to the spirit of the story in the Bible.”

Well, I’m totally convinced.

Connolly goes on to say: “We’re now getting feedback from religious leaders who have seen the film and are really embracing it and supporting it.”

Religious leaders who apparently have no names, denominations or even specific religions.  Come on.  That’s a totally useless sentence.

Now, yes, some of the fault here might be with the article writer, but, seriously, guys, is this the best you can drum up?


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