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  • anthony

    hi sorry to bother you I was wondering if you could help me out with the with the situation that happened to me back in 1995.and I’ve been thinking and I think about the situation in my life after happens I was in Reno Nevada and I had this big black shadow come into my motel room it was dragging me off the had talons for hands and I seen it I see that again later on in life a years down the road in human form and before we parted it introduced himself he said his name was hell and it disappeared can you please tell me what that was for help me out .thanx

  • anthony

    You can contact me via email

  • Andrew

    Hi, I’m sorry to have to ask, But I wish to include some of the information you wrote about in your blog, about Abu Simbel.
    Is it possible to have more information about you, so that I could cite you please?

    Kind Regards

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