One of the joys of Dystopia Rising (DR) is the opportunity to craft props. Recently, my character acquired a shield built from an old sign she found while visiting the Eternal Kingdom (i.e. the United Kingdom). The shield itself was built by another player using insulation foam and duct tape,Continue Reading

Illustration of Amari and Naran, characters from the Babylon 5 LARP

I have an imaginary friend. More precisely, my imaginary character has a friend, a very close friend, and that friendship has become the most complex relationship in my imaginary life. Amari and Naran are characters in a Babylon 5 LARP I play once a month. Amari is a very capableContinue Reading

Game of Thrones LARP Gen Con 2015

This year, over 60,000 geeks of all flavors converged on Indianapolis, Indiana for the Gen Con gaming convention, held between July 30 And August 2. It offered over 15,000 different events, most of which were opportunities to play just about every game imaginable, including role-playing games, collectible and non-collectible cardContinue Reading