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Archeologists Guess Where Jesus Taught

“Just in time for Christmas,” ABC reports that archeologists believe they have found where Jesus taught. Then they provide no information at all supporting such a grandiose claim. What they did find was a 2000 year old synagogue, and that’s a notable find in and of itself.  They aren’t exactly just laying all over the place waiting to be tripped over.  And, seriously, if you only find value in such a find if you can loop Jesus into it, you’re

St. Margaret of Antioch; or, the Teenager Who Destroys Dragons

St. Margaret of Antioch, also known as St. Margaret the Virgin and St. Margaret the Martyr, is purported to have lived at the end of the 3rd century during the great persecution of Christians under the reign of Emperor Diocletian.  Disowned for converting to Christianity, Margaret moved to the countryside where she attracted the unwanted attention of a man who demanded she both marry him and disavow Christianity. The teenage Margaret, already pledged to a life of chastity, refused, at

Writing About Religion, Mine and Others

Multiple religious symbols

A few days ago, the following comment showed up on my being-retooled Wicca site: One thing I find very interesting to observe about your postings is that you’re very much a defender of Christianity. And I’m uncertain why that religion gets so much face-time on a site dedicated to Wicca. I get the impression that you’re trying to send a message to Christians of, “Hey Wiccans aren’t all haters of your religion. See I defended you here.” It’s just…kinda weird

Dominion’s Angelology; or, Someone Knows their Theology

Dominion Promotional picture

Syfy recently embraced an unlikely premise: create a TV sequel to a movie few saw and fewer liked.  Thus, out of Legion came Dominion. Dominion occurs 25 years after Dominion in a world mostly destroyed by angels.  God turned his back on the world, and the angels believe it is their duty to destroy humanity as punishment.  A single angel, Michael, has taken the side of humanity, believing it was the angels who failed God. 25 years ago, he saved

Christian Wicca; or, Forcing Square Pegs into Round Holes

This article was originally written for my Wicca website, currently undergoing updates. To my knowledge,  there is a single book and website written by a Christian Wiccan. That website has changed multiple times, rendering my original footnotes useless.  As of May 25, 2014, the website’s domain is expired, leaving nothing at all to be referenced.  This is why most quotes here have no source notations. There is also an article about it at ReligiousTolerance.org, which lists my original article on

Wars of Non-Religion; or, Religion is Not the Root of All Evil

The Great Miseries of War

I cross paths with fair amount of people very angry and jaded about religion, not merely non-religious but actively hostile toward it.  One of the very common arguments is if we’d get rid of religion we’d get rid of excuses to go to war. I’m calling anthropological bullshit. War is a product of civilization.  In cities, you have thousands of people from which to draw.  Pre-civilization cultures have far fewer people.  To lose a soldier is to lose a valuable

When History Goes Bad: Perverting Religious History

Fragment of Scripture

Studying both history and religion, I cross paths with a fair number of people angry and jaded about both specific religions and religion in general, and they support their position with history.  Rather than simply being non-religious, these individuals are actively against it, calling it manipulative, fraudulent, and/or violent. Sometimes specific examples get conflated into tremendous generalized accusations.  Other times, the information is just wrong. Christianity, being the majority religion in the U.S., bears the brunt of ill-informed objections. It’s

Love, Marriage, and the First Amendment

Tweasure Your Wuv: Princess Bride Clergyman

People are passing the following meme around thinking that it is arguing for the legalization of same-sex marriages. It’s not, although I’m confident Rev. Joe Hoffman would also like that to happen. The law in question, part of Amendment One, makes it a crime to perform a marriage ceremony for a couple who doesn’t have a marriage license. North Carolina does not issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, although ceremonies can be performed for people who have such licenses from

It’s Eostre Time Again, or a Parade of Logical Fallacies

19th Century illustration of Eostre

Back when I worked for About.com, I made a blog post debunking some of the common myths about Easter’s connection with pagan beliefs.  It gained, by far, the most comments of any post, and every year the post must show up in search engines, because I always got a new crop of complaints around this time of the year. After a couple of years, one commenter asked If I regretted writing the post, which I don’t.  I did regret continuing

The Galileo Affair, or a Baffling Road Toward Heliocentricism

The house arrest of Galileo Galilei in 1633 is commonly put forth as an example of how religion, and particularly the Catholic Church, is against scientific progression. The issue of science and religion in general deserves its own post (or many), but this specific example has gained its own unique spin. What Happened – The Short Version Galileo, one of the central movers of the Scientific Revolution, was repeatedly questioned by the Inquisition concerning his heliocentric theories, which it labeled

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