Archeologists Guess Where Jesus Taught

“Just in time for Christmas,” ABC reports that archeologists believe they have found where Jesus taught.

Then they provide no information at all supporting such a grandiose claim.

What they did find was a 2000 year old synagogue, and that’s a notable find in and of itself.  They aren’t exactly just laying all over the place waiting to be tripped over.  And, seriously, if you only find value in such a find if you can loop Jesus into it, you’re in desperate need of cultural sensitivity training.

…archaeologists are convinced that Jesus taught here, with relics seeming to support that theory. Among the historic treasures are a main hall with an elaborate mosaic floor; a limestone block carved with a menorah, the oldest ever found on stone; and Jewish ritual baths.

I’m still waiting to hear about a single “relic” supporting the idea that Jesus taught at this location.  The historic treasures are, indeed, historic treasures, but they say nothing about who may or may not have taught at the location.

No archeologist is actually named in the article, and I can’t find any other news agency repeating the story.  Seems that someone got the ear of a gullible (and hopefully inexperienced) journalist.

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