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What Evidence Proves: Ben Carson and His Unprofessional Take on the Pyramids

Alien Guy from History Channel saying "Grain Storage"

BuzzFeed recently uncovered an old video of now-presidential hopeful Ben Carson expressing the belief that ancient Egyptian pyramids were granaries rather than the archeologically accepted explanation of them being tombs. When asked, Carson acknowledged that he still holds this belief. “My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” said Carson, referring the Old Testament story where the prophet Joseph warned the pharaoh of famine and recommended great quantities of grain be stored. “I happen to

When History Goes Bad: Perverting Religious History

Fragment of Scripture

Studying both history and religion, I cross paths with a fair number of people angry and jaded about both specific religions and religion in general, and they support their position with history.  Rather than simply being non-religious, these individuals are actively against it, calling it manipulative, fraudulent, and/or violent. Sometimes specific examples get conflated into tremendous generalized accusations.  Other times, the information is just wrong. Christianity, being the majority religion in the U.S., bears the brunt of ill-informed objections. It’s

Cast and Crew Defend “Noah”

In an amazing fluff piece on ABCnews.com, Noah (“It’s Like the Bible…with Explosions“) designer Mark Friedberg explained the effort put into creating the ark: In a featurette released by Paramount, Freidberg described the ark’s basic construction. “The ramp is meant to serve one function, for reptiles to be able to get up there, for mammals to be able to get in there and for birds to fly up the top,” he said. Well, that’s very clever of him.  I mean, he

It’s Like the Bible…With Explosions

Noah: An End of the World Movie of Biblical Proportions

My husband and I have seen the Noah trailer before.  That’s why the new ending had us in tears today. I start laughing.  Jerry, paying slightly less attention to the TV, asks why, and I tell him to replay the ad.  He gets only that last line: “We believe the film is true to the values and integrity of the story.” “Go farther,” I encourage. The disclaimer, formerly not in the trailer at all, is spread among three screens: “Noah”

Judgmental Augustine: Peter Lombard Gets it Wrong

St Augustine Objecting in Lombard's Gloss of the Psalms

Medieval marginalia is most known for being bizarre and offensive. It frequently is, but not always, particularly in earlier manuscripts. In the mid 12th century, Peter Lombard wrote a gloss of the psalms. That is, he created pages that displayed both the text of the Book of Psalms and his theological commentary on the text, which included frequent references to other respected theologians. Occasionally, however, Lombard got his sources mixed up. The book was commissioned by Thomas Becket, the Archbishop