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“Wolf Hall” Gives New Spin to Tudor Drama

Thomas Cromwell, Wolf Hall, (c)BBC

PBS is currently airing the six-part drama Wolf Hall, originally created for BBC2.  It’s set during the reign of the Tudor king Henry VIII, a popular topic of British historical dramas, but with a unique focus.  Rather than focusing on Henry himself, the focus is on Thomas Cromwell, a middle-class lawyer who quickly rose through the ranks only to fall from favor and eventually be gruesomely executed for treason. Focus on a New Character Dramas of this period generally focus

A Tale of Two Sisters: Mary and Elizabeth Tudor

Laoise Murray as the Lady Elizabeth and Sarah Bolger as the Lady Mary in The Tudors

I spent my junior year of college at Lancaster University in Britain, which was fabulous for someone going into medieval English history. One of my courses covered Elizabethan England.  (Yes, I understand that’s not medieval.) The professor was particularly notable not just because he was American teaching English history in England (with more than a little snark), but also because he was really not a fan of Elizabeth I. I, on the other hand, am, along with lots of other

This Week in History: Edward VI and the Nine Day Queen

Jane Grey's execution, 19th century painting

Yesterday in history, Edward VI of England died at the age of 16 in 1553 after a rule of 6 years.  Child kings rarely leave much of a mark on history, but Edward happened to rule at a pivotal time in English history.  Still, most of his impacts were more about him than actively by him. Henry VIII, His Children and First Three Wives Henry VIII’s desperation for a male heir shaped 16th century English history.  Here’s the brief version:

This Historian’s Favorites and Least Favorites

One of the reasons this blog has only a loose theme is because of the diversity of my interests.  I once tried a more focused blog.  However, I quickly found other things I wanted to share, but I felt I’m spamming readers who came to the blog looking for a specific topic. My first blog was focused on religion, primarily neopaganism.  From there I graduated to writing about “alternative religion” (which is a terrible name, as it implies certain religions