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Will the Real St. Valentine Please Stand Up? or Why I Hate the History Channel

A couple of months ago, I did a post about St. Valentine and how he has nothing to do with modern, secular celebrations of Valentine’s Day.  I mentioned how hard it was to find good info online because so many sources mix-up folklore and urban legend with actual history. And it just got a little harder. My original post was inspired by a meme that featured this image: The original meme included the words: Roses are red, violets are blue,

Barbie Queen of Scots

Another winner from Grumpy Eleanor of Aquitaine: I love the disclaimer on the source page: Yes, I know her costume is not historically accurate – she was a commission and was specifically requested *not* to be! To be clear, I in no way blame the maker for this.  He or she was following directions.  But how does one phrase that request?  “I’d like a Mary Queen of Scots Barbie doll, just so long as she doesn’t look like Mary Queen

Funny for the Day

After a quick debate, I decided to file this under religion. I don’t always have to be scholarly.

Multiple Personality of Elizabeth I in Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Queen Elizabeth

First of all, for all of my concerns, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who was amazing. I was left more than satisfied. Indeed, the only major complaint I have with it is its treatment of Queen Elizabeth I. The Marriage Proposal In 1562, the Doctor is suspecting that shape-changing aliens called Zygons have infiltrated the Elizabethan court. In order to test the Queen, he makes a variety of statements she would be unlikely to simply accept. Some of them

Occult in Popular Culture

I am fairly well versed in occult symbols since I wrote my masters thesis on the subject. I don’t expect other people to know them…and neither do script writers. If you see symbols being used in a TV show like Supernatural, they are pretty much always a random collection of symbols. Ok, whatever. I’m fine with that. I am also fine with them just making symbols up. There’s no reason why we in the real world are aware of every

Supernatural and Dick-Angels

The Angel Castiel

It took me a long time to get into Supernatural. Its first few seasons primarily centered on a monster-of-the-week, and the two main characters were, quite frankly, not terribly dynamic. It was described to me early on as a darker Buffy, but I could never see it. In season four, show creator Eric Kripke reversed a previous decision to not include angels. Up until this point, the Supernatural world was one plagued by demons but apparently devoid of benevolent supernatural

Why I Want to Punch “Sleepy Hollow”

This TV show makes the historian in me weep. To me, Sleepy Hollow typifies all the wrong ways of writing alt-history. The writers came up with a story by grabbing a literary figure, bringing him into the present, rolling both into the apocalyptic predictions of the Book of Revelation, and then force-feeding the concept back into history. History pukes. The Witches In the Sleepy Hollow world, witches are real. Fair enough. We’re crazy for witches right now, and we are