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The Not-so-United Kingdom

Scotland's Facebook post

Yesterday, Scotland voted 55/45 to remain within the United Kingdom rather than separating off into an independent state that hasn’t existed since 1707. Friction on the matter has existed pretty much forever.  The Scottish see themselves as having a different culture than the English, although as someone living in the melting pot of America I have a hard time seeing it. More importantly, the rhetoric has long been in terms of being under foreign rule, much like Ireland, which eventually

Love, Marriage, and the First Amendment

Tweasure Your Wuv: Princess Bride Clergyman

People are passing the following meme around thinking that it is arguing for the legalization of same-sex marriages. It’s not, although I’m confident Rev. Joe Hoffman would also like that to happen. The law in question, part of Amendment One, makes it a crime to perform a marriage ceremony for a couple who doesn’t have a marriage license. North Carolina does not issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, although ceremonies can be performed for people who have such licenses from

This Week in History: the Sinking of Titanic

CNN Reporting Titanic Sinking as "Breaking News"

Lesson One: I am doing very badly with my goal of posting history on appropriate days. On April 14, 1912, RMS Titanic sank, killing 1500 passengers while 700 survived in lifeboats.  This week marks the 102nd anniversary. Lesson Two:  CNN is even less on the ball than I am. The above interview began as a story of the deep sea search for Malaysia Flight 370, and the expert has also worked on explorations of Titanic’s wreck.  As the interview continued,

Pope Francis and the Internet

Pope Francis Being Perplexed

From the moment the current pope took the name Francis, which I knew had to be a nod to St. Francis of Assisi (a rich man who turned to poverty and tended to humanity for the rest of his life), I figured things were about to get interesting. That’s a hell of a signal that change is in the air, and even more-so if you know that no pope has taken an original name in over 1100 years: every pope

A Parade of Pill Bottles

The Kennedy family never fails to produce bizarre events.  In the spotlight today is Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy, who is on trial for driving – and crashing – her car under the influence of Ambien. News articles have been focusing today on her rather out-of-place injections of family history into her testimony: who her father was, the fact he had been “the attorney general during the civil rights movement” and “killed while running for president,” (source) that she

Craiglist Killer Taps Into Satanic Panic Hype

Back in November, Miranda and Elytte Barbour lured a man via Craigslist and then violently murdered them for no better reason than they wanted to kill someone as a couple. The Super Serial Killer Now Miranda, 19, is claiming that she has killed more than 22 (“When I hit 22, I stopped counting”) people but less than 100.  Gosh, Miranda, that’s a really big range.  Can’t you narrow it down just a bit?  Off the top of my head, I