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The Plague of Faux News (and I don’t mean Fox News)

attila the hun - hoax

The problem with the Internet is that it has so much Internet in it. The Internet has put us into information overload.  It provides us a huge amount of relevant information, but it also subjects us to an increasing onslaught of bad information.   Some comes from people with a deeply slanted agenda.  Some comes from the misinformed such as, perhaps, the collection of images that circulated this winter of deep snow covering Egypt, which I deconstructed. And some comes from

Pope Francis and the Internet

Pope Francis Being Perplexed

From the moment the current pope took the name Francis, which I knew had to be a nod to St. Francis of Assisi (a rich man who turned to poverty and tended to humanity for the rest of his life), I figured things were about to get interesting. That’s a hell of a signal that change is in the air, and even more-so if you know that no pope has taken an original name in over 1100 years: every pope

Snow in Egypt? Deconstructing Internet Images

This week Egypt did, in fact, witness snowfall, and that fact is historic. Egyptian news is reporting it’s the first snowfall in 112 years. Egypt gets less than an inch of rain per year, and even in the winter the nights generally only get into the 50s, and the days get into the 80s. Climate Change? First, to be clear, I absolutely accept that climate change happens. I also believe in man-made climate change, which is totally not what the