bad history

Multiple religious symbols

A few days ago, the following comment showed up on my being-retooled Wicca site: One thing I find very interesting to observe about your postings is that you’re very much a defender of Christianity. And I’m uncertain why that religion gets so much face-time on a site dedicated to Wicca.Continue Reading

Fragment of Scripture

Studying both history and religion, I cross paths with a fair number of people angry and jaded about both specific religions and religion in general, and they support their position with history.  Rather than simply being non-religious, these individuals are actively against it, calling it manipulative, fraudulent, and/or violent. SometimesContinue Reading

Christopher Columbus and the New World

It’s amazing some of the things still taught in schools.  They’re just plain wrong, but we’re so familiar with the claims it never occurs to us to double-check the facts.  Today, less well-known but equally wrong stories are also constantly circulating through social media such as Facebook because people presumeContinue Reading

That awkward moment you realize most people's knowledge of the Middle Ages comes from Monty Python.

Medieval is a rather abused word, often being used to cover everything from the fall of the Roman Empire to…well, gosh only knows.  People commonly mash it at least with the Renaissance, which comes with it a healthy sense of irony as Renaissance thinkers very actively separated themselves from medieval culture. Continue Reading