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Well, that’s Awkward: When the Cat Gets Hold of Someone’s Genitals

Nun bribing cat for a penis

This is my favorite WTF image in a long time. Dating from 1555, it’s a Renaissance image. I don’t officially know the story behind it, but there’s a good discussion of it on Reddit. Says sl99: ‘Flaisch macht Flaisch’ is from the old German proverb ‘Fleisch macht Fleisch, fisch macht nisch’. It would roughly translate to ‘meat gives meat, fish gives nothing’, meaning that meat is more nourishing than fish. Fleisch is in German also connected to ‘Fleischeslust’, which means

Everyone Farts; or, Historical Bathroom Humor

Bonnacon - Medieval monster that farts

Today’s page is dedicated to those fans who have wondered when I’m going to put up more bizarre historical art. About 300 years ago, some genius Japanese artist gave us He-Gassen, or “the fart war.”  I can’t make this up if I tried.  Not quite safe for work. And then there’s more medieval silliness on the matter: Says one source, who I’m sure is totally reputable and wasn’t drinking at all when he wrote it: …in Asia an animal is

Art Projects

Varishka Twiceborn - Woman with dragon tattoo

This semester is running me ragged, so frequently the last thing I want to do when relaxing is do even more writing than all already am.  So, one of the ways I’m relaxing is getting back into artwork. The first image (above) came out of a friend’s Master’s thesis in art, where she created “portraits” of various role-playing characters using only an eye.  I then took one of those eyes and turned into an entire face.  So if you feel

St. Margaret of Antioch; or, the Teenager Who Destroys Dragons

St. Margaret of Antioch, also known as St. Margaret the Virgin and St. Margaret the Martyr, is purported to have lived at the end of the 3rd century during the great persecution of Christians under the reign of Emperor Diocletian.  Disowned for converting to Christianity, Margaret moved to the countryside where she attracted the unwanted attention of a man who demanded she both marry him and disavow Christianity. The teenage Margaret, already pledged to a life of chastity, refused, at

And Now…Queen Elizabeth Feeds a Cow

Queen Elizabeth I of ENgland Feeds the Dutch Cow, 16th century painting

We have no idea who painted this beyond it was someone in the Netherlands around 1586. Queen Elizabeth I of England was a longtime supporter of the Dutch.  They were connected religiously, with both countries being Protestant, and also economically: the Dutch had the most lucrative trading markets in northern Europe (they create the world’s first stock exchange in 1602), and they produced large amounts of textiles made from English wool. Here, the healthy, productive cow represents the Netherlands.  Elizabeth

A Medieval Meme: Pedobear and Antichrist

Discarding Images, a common source of crazy medieval images for me, often labels their images in a very straight-forward manner, such as “Jupiter Castrates Saturn,” which is exactly what it sounds like, and is in no way safe for work.  Every once in a while, however, I encounter an image with a name like “Pedobear Satan.” For those of you unfamiliar with the meme, this is Pedobear –> There are about a zillion memes out there with pedophile jokes featuring

A Little Ass Music from Hieronymus Bosch

DangerousMinds.net has provided this little gem: a college student has transcribed the musical notes painted on the butt of one of the characters in Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, which is arguably the most bat-shit crazy painting of the Renaissance. So…is this best played on an ass trumpet? Just asking.

Snow (Almost) Always Looks More Fun in Pictures

As explained here, medieval artists have very little interest in image backgrounds. However, as we get further into the High/Late Middle Ages, we see more and more of it, until artwork starts turning more realistic in general, and then we start seeing environment. Often they aren’t particularly relevant. Look at any Renaissance portrait, and there will certainly be a background, but it often is just that: an image to fill in the blank spaces and make the image look more

Where’s Jesus?

Through most of the Middle Ages, artwork had a decided lack of environment. If you weren’t familiar with medieval Christian Art, you’d have a hard time knowing what the image at right even is, much less where it is happening. What I see: Man with a bad bleach job and no thighs trapped in a tiny cell being watched by munchkins.  He may or may not be stoned. What this is: Christ sitting on a throne in heaven, although a

Revisting the Last Supper

Originally, this post was going to be simple pretty straightforward.  Today, I came across this: This is, of course, all of the Doctors from Doctor Who re-enacting Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper. When people do these, I always wonder how much thought they put into who they put where. Clearly, it would be difficult to cleanly associate all the Doctor characters with Biblical characters, but did the artist at least try in some cases? Please understand that I write this entire

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