Art Projects

This semester is running me ragged, so frequently the last thing I want to do when relaxing is do even more writing than all already am.  So, one of the ways I’m relaxing is getting back into artwork.

The first image (above) came out of a friend’s Master’s thesis in art, where she created “portraits” of various role-playing characters using only an eye.  I then took one of those eyes and turned into an entire face.  So if you feel like the eyes are staring at you, they are absolutely the focal point of the project.

She originates in a Pathfinder campaign.  Her race is something created for that specific campaign, but she’s similar to a Dhampir (partial vampire).

Yeah, yeah, I know, vampires are over done.  At least she’s not mopey about it.  Nor does she sparkle.

Nali Demetria, Pathfinder Tiefling

The second image is also a Pathfinder character.  She’s a tiefling (for the role-playing un-initiated, it’s a human with some portion of demonic blood).

Winter queen

The third image is not one of my characters.  A black and white version was commissioned for a book that never made it to publication.  Obviously, I have since colored it.  She was a goddess of winter and my favorite image out of that project.

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