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What Evidence Proves: Ben Carson and His Unprofessional Take on the Pyramids

Alien Guy from History Channel saying "Grain Storage"

BuzzFeed recently uncovered an old video of now-presidential hopeful Ben Carson expressing the belief that ancient Egyptian pyramids were granaries rather than the archeologically accepted explanation of them being tombs. When asked, Carson acknowledged that he still holds this belief. “My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” said Carson, referring the Old Testament story where the prophet Joseph warned the pharaoh of famine and recommended great quantities of grain be stored. “I happen to

Everything There Isn’t to Know about Tut

Tut on Spike TV

I would have loved to have been in the programming meeting at Spike TV the day the miniseries Tut was conceived. I envision some very brave visionary suggesting that what the network really needed to round out its schedule of Cops, Jail, and World’s Wildest Police Videos was a historical drama. Then, someone else, probably very drunk, put forth a club-footed, incestuous, Egyptian boy king depicted as an everyman hero as being the proper topic of such a drama. The

Golden Egyptian Arches; or, General Silliness with Art History

Cartouche Bearing What Looks Like an M.

I greatly enjoyed my trip to Egypt in 2010 just before the Arab Spring. However, our tour guide had the annoying habit of attributing just about everything in Western history to the ancient Egyptians via half-truths, over-generalizations, and periodic nonsense. Several of us responded by creating our own list of things that the Egyptians “clearly” invented, such as McDonalds, as is clearly shown by this golden arch within a cartouche, marking it a name of great importance. Don’t believe me?

Ramesses’s Temple at Abu Simbel; or, Progress vs. History

Outside of Abu Simbel Temple

Ramesses’s temples at Abu Simbel are awesome for two reasons.  The first is the incredible novelty of their construction: it’s dug into the rock face rather than built as temples commonly were.  The second, however, is what happened to them in the 1960s. Ramesses II Ramesses never did anything small or half-assed.  Ever.  I’d suggest he was compensating for something, but his 100+ children might contradict that theory.  Some call him “Ramesses the Great,” but I’ve come to think of