Steaming Apparel – Costume Tips for Non-Sewers

Steampunk outfit made with Goodwill materials
Almost entirely a Goodwill outfit. Jacket, shirt, gloves, belt, underskirt and overskirt ran a total of $30.

The last few days I’ve been working on one of my other websites, Steaming Apparel.  It’s designed primarily for those who are just starting to costume for steampunk, and I built it because I kept encountering people who:

  • Thought steampunk outfits have to be really expensive
  • Felt the couldn’t participate without a costume
  • Had no idea where to start on designing a costume
  • Thought you had to know how to sew to make a steampunk outfit

In fact, I’ve created entire costumes out of materials found at Goodwill and/or in my closet.

So if that’s something that interests you, I recommend checking it out.  I will continue to post new projects here, as I have in the past, although eventually I will copy those posts over at Steaming Apparel.

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