Debuting the Loki Jacket; or, Praying to the Glue Gods

This weekend I attended Steamtopia in Dearborn, MI.  As usual, I arrived with multiple outfits, as is standard for attendees at a steampunk convention.  However, this time the collection included the Loki jacket about which I have been posting.

It’s still not finished – it will eventually have a gold and green skirt – but it was far enough along to display with a plain, black micro-suede skirt.

One of the problems I have with non-sewn projects is they start falling apart, but this project stayed remarkably intact.  I did. however, have to make a 2am run to the drugstore to pick up flexible glue to make some repairs on Friday.So far, it’s pretty awesome glue, both strong and flexible.  It’s mostly the heavy gold braid that has had the problems.

Yup, that’s what I call a successful project; it only needed one repair in a weekend.  Maybe I need to raise the bar.

The Black and White Girl

A friend and I look remarkably alike: we’re both relatively tall with red hair and pain skin.  I’m the planner.  She’s the spontaneous one.  So while I have spent significant time creating my persona Lucretia Strange, Faith invented hers last year on the spot, suddenly exclaiming, “Hi!  I’m Ludmilla mark 7, Lucretia’s insufficiently evil twin.”  Apparently, Lucretia’s sister met with some unfortunate fate, but Lucretia has been bringing her back through cloning…each one a wee bit deficient, leading to increasingly spectacular deaths.

This year she introduced herself as the mark 9.

Lucretia spent two days dressed up as steampunk Loki.  Ludmilla dressed up as a black and white photo.  It confused the hell out of everyone.  No one recognized her, including, at one point, me.

Ludmilla and Lucretia Strange, the Strange sisters.
Ludmilla and Lucretia Strange, the Strange sisters. Apparently the mark 9 Ludmilla baked too long in the cloning chamber.

The background is the only thing Photoshopped here.  Ludmilla and I posed together.  There is no digital adjustment to create the black and white appearance.

Also, my gold labels here are actually green.  The light did odd things to the material, although it still looks more than fine.

I also debuted the brown stomacher and jacket.


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  1. It looks great, and you pull off Steam so well! 🙂

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