GISHWHES Chaos and Hilarity, Part 2: The Away Teams

Continuing from my first installment of submissions

All GISHWHES teams have exactly 15 members.  Since we had a team of three, we were combined with other teams, a totally of five teams of three, to be exact. Here is the second installment of hilarity from our GISHWHES team, this time from our non-local team members.

Create the next hip facial hair look or hipster accessory

GISHWHES Hipster accessory
From our Swiss team members.  They also filed a Freedom of Information Act request on a parent.


Trickle-down economics

You’ve heard of Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle-down Economics”? The idea is that when rich people get richer, they spend more money doing things like getting their nails done and having their Porches waxed, and that in turn creates more jobs for pedicurist and car washers and other lower income families.Show us what trickle-down ice-cream-onomics looks like: One person on top, messily eating an enormous, melting Sunday, with two people on the floor below, trying to catch the drippings in their mouths as they fall. This needs to be a real mess.

GISHWHES Trickle-down economics

Let’s see a fully dressed, face-painted geisha mowing the lawn.

GISHWHES Geisha moving the lawn
We actually managed to do this twice.


Obviously,everyone’s favorite Captain of the USS Enterprise was Jean-Luc Picard. Create a heroic Captain Picard using condiments.

GISHWHES Captain Picard in condiments



Gingerbread Villages are always so cute and quaint. Make a gingerbread village that shows urban blight: needle exchanges, prostitution,heavy police presence, etc.

GISHWHES Gingerbread




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