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Funny for the Day

After a quick debate, I decided to file this under religion. I don’t always have to be scholarly.

Not Superman, says Pope

Francis Denying he is Superman

Just days after I posted about the idolization of Pope Francis, Francis himself has stated: “To depict the pope as a sort of superman, a sort of star, seems offensive to me. The pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps tranquilly and has friends like everyone else, a normal person.” (source) He recognizes the mythological status he’s starting to pick up, and he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want to be on the pedestal upon which popes used to

Pope Francis and the Internet

Pope Francis Being Perplexed

From the moment the current pope took the name Francis, which I knew had to be a nod to St. Francis of Assisi (a rich man who turned to poverty and tended to humanity for the rest of his life), I figured things were about to get interesting. That’s a hell of a signal that change is in the air, and even more-so if you know that no pope has taken an original name in over 1100 years: every pope

Craiglist Killer Taps Into Satanic Panic Hype

Back in November, Miranda and Elytte Barbour lured a man via Craigslist and then violently murdered them for no better reason than they wanted to kill someone as a couple. The Super Serial Killer Now Miranda, 19, is claiming that she has killed more than 22 (“When I hit 22, I stopped counting”) people but less than 100.  Gosh, Miranda, that’s a really big range.  Can’t you narrow it down just a bit?  Off the top of my head, I

Not at All Today in History: St. Valentine

Oh, Valentine’s Day, how you don’t make any sense. Valentine’s Day comes from the Catholic Feast of St. Valentine, but even that holiday is problematic.  There are at least three early saints with that name, and it’s not clear which one  Feb. 14 was meant to celebrate.  The Orthodox Church actually has two different feast days for two of them…but they are on July 6 and July 30.  Moreover, their stories grew up long after the fact of their lives

The Myth of a Pagan Christmas


Three times a year – Easter, Halloween, and Christmas – I find myself assaulted by claims of how Christian practices and beliefs were entirely cobbled together from pagan sources. There are filters I put on certain searches in order to limit my annoyance, but I still run into them. First, they are generally written with a tone of superiority and contempt. They aren’t neutrally providing information but instead putting forth arguments meant to ridicule and demean. OK, Christianity isn’t your

Hilarious Hallelujahs

To each his own, but I really appreciate people who value humorous and creative approaches to their religion. Clearly these monks took a vow of silence.  How else are they supposed to also provide the choir? What a Choir of Silent Monks Does Will Make You Laugh Merry Christmas.

Satan and the Short Memory of Society

People have a habit of presuming very old things are very unchanging things. Thus, however they see something today must be how it has always been. We do it to holidays all the time, but that’s a post for another day. Devil Horns Hand Sign On one side of the Satanic debate, all sorts of modern things are thought of by the more religiously paranoid as being inherently Satanic. The devil-horns hand-sign is one example. Historically, it has been a

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