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When History Goes Bad: Perverting Religious History

Fragment of Scripture

Studying both history and religion, I cross paths with a fair number of people angry and jaded about both specific religions and religion in general, and they support their position with history.  Rather than simply being non-religious, these individuals are actively against it, calling it manipulative, fraudulent, and/or violent. Sometimes specific examples get conflated into tremendous generalized accusations.  Other times, the information is just wrong. Christianity, being the majority religion in the U.S., bears the brunt of ill-informed objections. It’s

The End is Nigh! According to Vikings

Viking Trumpet at York

According to the Norvik Viking Centre, Ragnarok is upon us. What I can’t figure out is how serious these guys are.  In my optimism, I am going to presume they aren’t.  Regardless, I trust I won’t be seeing any billboards telling me to get my life in line with the expectations of Odin.  Which is good, because I suck at wielding a battle axe. I’m going to very dependent on secondary sources here.  The Norse just aren’t my thing.  Not

The Myth of a Pagan Christmas


Three times a year – Easter, Halloween, and Christmas – I find myself assaulted by claims of how Christian practices and beliefs were entirely cobbled together from pagan sources. There are filters I put on certain searches in order to limit my annoyance, but I still run into them. First, they are generally written with a tone of superiority and contempt. They aren’t neutrally providing information but instead putting forth arguments meant to ridicule and demean. OK, Christianity isn’t your