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The State of Things; or a Broken Hip is a Pain in the Ass

A few months ago, I wrote how I was going for silent for a little while because I was writing a book. Specifically, I was editing my master’s thesis on Renaissance occult philosophy (not light reading) for publication, which will hopefully happen next spring. And then I went largely silent for two months. The good news is I got the manuscript done. The bad news is just a couple days after I posted that, I had a bicycling accident. It

Trek 100 for Childhood Cancer Research

On Saturday, I will by cycling 62 miles (100 km, which we call a metric century) in the Trek 100 and am looking for pledges.  All money goes toward research into fighting childhood cancers.  Currently, I’m $14 short of my goal of $124, which is $2 for each mile biked. For me this is personal in two ways.  First, I have a cousin who survived pediatric ovarian cancer, which is almost unheard of.  I also lost a friend in high

A Parade of Pill Bottles

The Kennedy family never fails to produce bizarre events.  In the spotlight today is Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy, who is on trial for driving – and crashing – her car under the influence of Ambien. News articles have been focusing today on her rather out-of-place injections of family history into her testimony: who her father was, the fact he had been “the attorney general during the civil rights movement” and “killed while running for president,” (source) that she

Strange Experiences with Fibromyalgia

I’ve been offline the last couple weeks recovering from surgery, during which time I’ve come to some interesting conclusions about my fibromyalgia. Background I first showed symptoms when I was about 12, when the pain was literally crippling. While I got back on my feet, I spent years moving as little as possible. No sports, no days at the mall, no gym class, and arranging activities to streamline the amount of physical effort needed. The correct diagnosis didn’t come until