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Nerfpunk: Costuming with a (Comical) Mission


Everyone has their own flavor of punk. Steampunk. Dieselpunk. Clockpunk. Atompunk. Even bustlepunk. Now, meet Nerfpunk. The brainchild of Austin and Megan Maude Sirkin, Nerfpunk is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to reverse the common trend of steampunking Nerf weapons, which Austin calls the unofficial mascot of steampunk. Instead of repainting brightly colored Nerf weapons in blacks, browns and grays, Nerfpunks create their steampunk attire in the bright colors of Nerf weapons. It’s certainly not meant to be an independent movement, nor

Steampunk Costuming: Leather Bolero

Leather steampunk bolero

Most of the time, I work from Goodwill purchases.  There, you can find leather jackets for about $20 in a variety of different styles and qualities. This time, I really lucked out because a cousin tore the back of a very nice jacket, and she donated it to me for costuming. Because of the damage, I could not turn it into a bolero and corset set, as I have previously done.  I could, however, use it just as a bolero,

The Loki Costume, Finished

I’m preparing for TeslaCon this weekend, so I’m being brief. This is the finished costuming project I’ve been blogging about, complete with small wire horns.  You can get more info on the project here: Costuming Project: Steampunk Loki Jacket Part 2, Color, Fabric and Trim Part 3, Sleeves and Shoulders Gluing and Sewing