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Originally, this post was going to be simple pretty straightforward.  Today, I came across this: This is, of course, all of the Doctors from Doctor Who re-enacting Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper. When people do these, I always wonder how much thought they put into who they put where. Clearly, itContinue Reading

Amy and Rory

While I disagree with some of the specifics,What Steven Moffat Doesn’t Understand About Grief, And Why It’s Killing Doctor Who illustrates the power of death in fiction and, arguably, why Doctor Who needs more of it. When the new series started, the Doctor had been forced to kill two warring racesContinue Reading

11 Doctors

Whatever is going to happen this weekend for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, it is expected to be big.  Clearly it is pulling together a variety of threads from many years of the show.  If you’re less than a die hard fan but have still seen some of it, thisContinue Reading

If you are a Dr. Who fan, and you have not seen this, you totally should.  You’ll need to click on the title of this post (above) and open the full post.  Also, there are spoilers farther down in this article.  So see the video FIRST. And while you’re atContinue Reading