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Recycling Old Items; or, When Were These Ever in Fashion?

I’m in the middle of a major steampunk costuming project which incorporates black, olive green and gold.  Today I decided I was going to construct some jewelry to go along with it. My steampunk jewelry tends to be large and ostentatious.  Actually, most of my steampunk wardrobe is based on that principle.  I like to say an outfit is finished when I’ve added one too many items.  Alternatively, double whatever I’ve done at the point my husband warns I’ve gone

Improvising Steampunk Fashion, or the Murder of a Perfectly Good Jacket

Steapunk costume piece halfway done

You wouldn’t believe it from my posts so far, but originally steampunk was meant to be one of the major topics of this blog.  Guess I got carried away with the fun of weird history.  After all, there’s a reason I went to school for six years studying it. I hate patterns.  They’re tedious.  They also require me to do things like match up curves to other curves that don’t match (like adding sleeves to bodices).  I am the mistress

Boggling British Peerages

When I created my steampunk persona, I wanted a character of nobility as we don’t have a lot of them running around the steampunk world. Thus was created lady Lucretia Strange, the Baroness Strange. In order to be accurate, I started researching proper forms of address for nobility. It’s all kinds of baffling. “The Baroness Strange” rather than “Baroness Strange” is the correct formal description of her title, so far as I can tell, although I see enough of both

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