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There are two major types of historical art I like The really good stuff, about which I am really picky, and The really awful stuff.  It gets bonus points if it is medieval, and it usually is. Hence, Vampire Monkey Christ.  I giggle every time I look at it.  CanContinue Reading

books and candles

As I’m cleaning up stuff from my time at About.com, I stumbled across this gem of a public comment on the Facebook group dedicated to my Alternative Religion about.com site, and I just had to save it for posterity. Forget the fact that this writer is clearly what I shallContinue Reading

Sir Nicholas Winton

Studying history comes with both bad and good. It’s important we remember both, both as something to celebrate and something we try not to repeat. Modern history is not my thing, but of that era, the Holocaust is one of my interests, although it’s so awful I sometimes literally haveContinue Reading

Vampire Monkey Christ

For whatever reason, that’s always the pronunciation I hear in my head when I look at this thing. In the early Middle Ages, status was gained almost exclusively through combat. As such, it they were going to hold up a figure like, say, Jesus Christ, being a pacifist really didn’tContinue Reading

When I created my steampunk persona, I wanted a character of nobility as we don’t have a lot of them running around the steampunk world. Thus was created lady Lucretia Strange, the Baroness Strange. In order to be accurate, I started researching proper forms of address for nobility. It’s allContinue Reading

There is historical fiction, and then there is alternative historical (or “alt-history”) fiction. I would like to think that most adults understand that writing historical fiction requires a knowledge of history, although experiences on the Internet continuing threaten to jade such optimistic outlooks. In writing alt-history, however, requirements seem moreContinue Reading