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Love, Lies and Loss: Doctor Who’s “Death in Heaven”

Mossy, the Doctor, and Clara in "Dark Water"/"Death in Heaven"

Season 8’s two-part finale, “Dark Water”/”Death in Heaven” was easily my favorite story of the season, which has been plagued by an odd combination of ideas and performances that frequently never quite gel. Moreover, it’s only the second time a season finale has left me satisfied, the first being Season 3’s “Utopia”/”Sound of Drums”/”Last of the Time Lords”. You might be sensing a theme here. HERE THERE BE SPOILERS . . . It’s not just that “Dark Water” brought together

Taking a “Deep Breath”: Doctor Who’s Season 8 Premiere

The Doctor and Clara Looking at Menus in "Deep Breath"

HERE THERE BE SPOILERS “Deep Breath” marks the first episode with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.  We’ve gone from the youngest Doctor ever (Matt Smith, who was 28 when cast) to the oldest (Capaldi is 56, while the first doctor, despite his aged appearance, was only 55).  That hints at significant changes, and so far, they’ve all been good. The Title Sequence The new title sequence is by far the biggest change they’ve made since restarting the show in 2005. 

Time of the Doctor: Death of a Plotline and Other Thoughts

If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read.  I would say if you want warning, go ahead and read, but even the worst review in the world is not going to keep a Whovian from an episode, much less a regeneration episode. And it’s not the worst review I could give… I had more than a little trepidation about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, Day of the Doctor.  I feared showrunner Steven Moffat would be overly interested in convoluted “cleverness”

Revisting the Last Supper

Originally, this post was going to be simple pretty straightforward.  Today, I came across this: This is, of course, all of the Doctors from Doctor Who re-enacting Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper. When people do these, I always wonder how much thought they put into who they put where. Clearly, it would be difficult to cleanly associate all the Doctor characters with Biblical characters, but did the artist at least try in some cases? Please understand that I write this entire

Death and Doctor Who

Amy and Rory

While I disagree with some of the specifics,What Steven Moffat Doesn’t Understand About Grief, And Why It’s Killing Doctor Who illustrates the power of death in fiction and, arguably, why Doctor Who needs more of it. When the new series started, the Doctor had been forced to kill two warring races before they consumed the universe with their Time War.  It was powerful.  It was emotional, and it was a great starting place from which a character could develop, a place

Multiple Personality of Elizabeth I in Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Queen Elizabeth

First of all, for all of my concerns, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who was amazing. I was left more than satisfied. Indeed, the only major complaint I have with it is its treatment of Queen Elizabeth I. The Marriage Proposal In 1562, the Doctor is suspecting that shape-changing aliens called Zygons have infiltrated the Elizabethan court. In order to test the Queen, he makes a variety of statements she would be unlikely to simply accept. Some of them

Guide to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

11 Doctors

Whatever is going to happen this weekend for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, it is expected to be big.  Clearly it is pulling together a variety of threads from many years of the show.  If you’re less than a die hard fan but have still seen some of it, this might be helpful, particularly if you’re only a new-Who fan.  Also potentially helpful for friends of Whovians who are a bit baffled by the whole thing. I wrote this in

Night of the Doctor

If you are a Dr. Who fan, and you have not seen this, you totally should.  You’ll need to click on the title of this post (above) and open the full post.  Also, there are spoilers farther down in this article.  So see the video FIRST. And while you’re at it, check out these teasers for the 50th anniversary. The newest: Other cool (but marginally less awesome) trailers: (in all of DWs cheesy glory; call it 50 years

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