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What’s in a Hat? Odd Postures in Egyptian Art

Superheoes posed as if in ancient Egyptian artwork

Today’s post started with a joke. The first few amuse me.  By the end it doesn’t even make sense: just putting hieroglyphs around Ghostbusters doesn’t exactly give the impression of ancient Egyptian Ghostbusters.  I do, however, get a giggle from the Vulture posing as Isis. We’re going to stick with the first panel, which I find works best at what it’s attempting to do and there’s some pretty specific history with the pose. The pose is quite distinct.  The aggressor

Ramesses’s Temple at Abu Simbel; or, Progress vs. History

Outside of Abu Simbel Temple

Ramesses’s temples at Abu Simbel are awesome for two reasons.  The first is the incredible novelty of their construction: it’s dug into the rock face rather than built as temples commonly were.  The second, however, is what happened to them in the 1960s. Ramesses II Ramesses never did anything small or half-assed.  Ever.  I’d suggest he was compensating for something, but his 100+ children might contradict that theory.  Some call him “Ramesses the Great,” but I’ve come to think of