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Reign TV Fashion Endorsements?

Remember when I crucified the costuming on Reign?  Well, today I stumbled onto a tumblr dedicated entirely to Reign‘s costuming.  It’s pretty much an advertisement for modern designers, showing the costumes on the show and then the same items on a modern model as depicted for sale, sometimes with a link to an appropriate website for purchase. This would certainly explain the continuing ridiculous non-historicity of their costumes.  But, really, CW, are you really that cheap?  You committed to a

What is She Wearing? The Musketeers Edition

I’ve quite taken to the BBC program The Musketeers, based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.  I particularly appreciate: Dropping the “three” from the title, since it’s really about a group of four.  One’s just a Musketeer sidekick. The musketeers actually have muskets, which you never see in screen adaptations.  I get they aren’t as sexy as swords, but, seriously, musketeer. I get to see a season of Peter Capaldi before he joins Doctor Who in August. So far,

“Reign” Fashion Disasters, or Dear Gods, Kill Me Now

I am not a fashion-nazi.  I am not going to complain because the hem is a bit off or you’re not using the right buttons.  I’m not going to quibble over whether that dress is from the 1550s or the 1560s.  Nor am I expecting a CW show to have costumes as sumptuous as those on The Tudors, which could afford a much larger budget. But can’t CW’s Reign at least go for “vaguely Renaissance”?  I’d quip about it’s lack of