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Why Do We Keep Teaching Mistakes?

Christopher Columbus and the New World

It’s amazing some of the things still taught in schools.  They’re just plain wrong, but we’re so familiar with the claims it never occurs to us to double-check the facts.  Today, less well-known but equally wrong stories are also constantly circulating through social media such as Facebook because people presume someone else has already verified the information. Columbus Was Radical in Thinking World is Round Every educated European in 1492 knew the world was round.  Dante’s Inferno, written 150 years

It’s Eostre Time Again, or a Parade of Logical Fallacies

19th Century illustration of Eostre

Back when I worked for About.com, I made a blog post debunking some of the common myths about Easter’s connection with pagan beliefs.  It gained, by far, the most comments of any post, and every year the post must show up in search engines, because I always got a new crop of complaints around this time of the year. After a couple of years, one commenter asked If I regretted writing the post, which I don’t.  I did regret continuing

The Plague of Faux News (and I don’t mean Fox News)

attila the hun - hoax

The problem with the Internet is that it has so much Internet in it. The Internet has put us into information overload.  It provides us a huge amount of relevant information, but it also subjects us to an increasing onslaught of bad information.   Some comes from people with a deeply slanted agenda.  Some comes from the misinformed such as, perhaps, the collection of images that circulated this winter of deep snow covering Egypt, which I deconstructed. And some comes from