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A Religion of Ignorance, also Geocentricism is Apparently Still a Thing


This explains an awful lot about certain members of deeply conservative religious right who tout such winning ideas as: Creation science Women not being able to get pregnant by legitimate rape (Rep. Todd Akin) Windmills using up non-renewable wind resources (Rep. Joe Barton) Carbon dioxide not being a harmful substance (Rep. Michelle Bachmann) Geocentric universe Seriously, geocentricism.  Galileo Was Wrong is an entire website devoted to it, written by a man who “obtained a Ph.D. in religious studies from the

The Plague of Faux News (and I don’t mean Fox News)

attila the hun - hoax

The problem with the Internet is that it has so much Internet in it. The Internet has put us into information overload.  It provides us a huge amount of relevant information, but it also subjects us to an increasing onslaught of bad information.   Some comes from people with a deeply slanted agenda.  Some comes from the misinformed such as, perhaps, the collection of images that circulated this winter of deep snow covering Egypt, which I deconstructed. And some comes from

A Little Ass Music from Hieronymus Bosch has provided this little gem: a college student has transcribed the musical notes painted on the butt of one of the characters in Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, which is arguably the most bat-shit crazy painting of the Renaissance. So…is this best played on an ass trumpet? Just asking.

The End is Nigh! According to Vikings

Viking Trumpet at York

According to the Norvik Viking Centre, Ragnarok is upon us. What I can’t figure out is how serious these guys are.  In my optimism, I am going to presume they aren’t.  Regardless, I trust I won’t be seeing any billboards telling me to get my life in line with the expectations of Odin.  Which is good, because I suck at wielding a battle axe. I’m going to very dependent on secondary sources here.  The Norse just aren’t my thing.  Not

Wait but Why: The Truth About Evolution

A handy pictorial guide to our very ancient ancestors:  Wait but Why: The Truth About Evolution.

Snow in Egypt? Deconstructing Internet Images

This week Egypt did, in fact, witness snowfall, and that fact is historic. Egyptian news is reporting it’s the first snowfall in 112 years. Egypt gets less than an inch of rain per year, and even in the winter the nights generally only get into the 50s, and the days get into the 80s. Climate Change? First, to be clear, I absolutely accept that climate change happens. I also believe in man-made climate change, which is totally not what the

When Yellow Ducks Invaded Tiananmen Square

The Chinese government holds such a tight control on the Internet that foreign travelers speak of being trapped behind the Great Firewall of China.  There are countless reasons why a website or even a search term might be banned, such as it supporting something considered immoral like pornography.  Many, however, are blocked because they criticize or could potentially criticize Chinese government, history, etc. One banned topic is the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds

Our Holy St. Matthew of the Sandwich Board

There are two major types of historical art I like The really good stuff, about which I am really picky, and The really awful stuff.  It gets bonus points if it is medieval, and it usually is. Hence, Vampire Monkey Christ.  I giggle every time I look at it.  Can it really be as awful as I remember?  Yup. But the Vampire Monkey Christ belt buckle was made by someone without artistic skill.  The Book of Durrow, however, was created

Vaaaaampire Monkey Christ

Vampire Monkey Christ

For whatever reason, that’s always the pronunciation I hear in my head when I look at this thing. In the early Middle Ages, status was gained almost exclusively through combat. As such, it they were going to hold up a figure like, say, Jesus Christ, being a pacifist really didn’t make a lot of sense to them. As such, they commonly portrayed Jesus not as a mild mannered preacher surrounded by children but as a fierce warrior defending humanity from

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