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Volcano Day; or, the Fall of Pompeii

Pompeii excavation site

Sometimes,, historical tragedy is the archaeologist’s best friend. Most cities slowly fade into obscurity as people gradually pack up their belongings and move away, chasing greener or safer pastures. The buildings they leave behind slowly crumble until there’s nothing left but foundations which often become buried by debris, newer construction, or both. When death is instantaneous and on a massive scale, however, sometimes belongings survive intact and in their natural places for scientists to one day find. The eruption of

Bathroom Customs; or, Everyone Poops

Roman bathroom habits

There’s talk of late of where transgender people should go to the bathroom.  If you’re physically male, but you consider yourself female, do you use the men’s room or the ladies’ room?  What if you have gender reassignment surgery, so you’re physically a different gender than you were at birth? Or, a question I’ve always asked, long before I had heard of transgenderism: why the heck do we care? The Modern Urinal Of course, the urinal poses some problem, since

Everyone Farts; or, Historical Bathroom Humor

Bonnacon - Medieval monster that farts

Today’s page is dedicated to those fans who have wondered when I’m going to put up more bizarre historical art. About 300 years ago, some genius Japanese artist gave us He-Gassen, or “the fart war.”  I can’t make this up if I tried.  Not quite safe for work. And then there’s more medieval silliness on the matter: Says one source, who I’m sure is totally reputable and wasn’t drinking at all when he wrote it: …in Asia an animal is

Thou Dost Protest Too Much; or, Neopagan Backlash Again Time Magazine

Avertisement poster for Salem TV show

On October 28, 2014, Time magazine published Jennifer Latson’s “Why Witches on TV Spell Trouble in Real Life,” a look at why the witch has become so commonplace in pop culture, as well as the long-standing morality lesson taught by studies of the historical witch-trials, which gave us the phrase “witch-hunt” to mean a search for and persecution of a perceived enemy with little regard to guilt or innocence. Neopagans, particularly modern witches, come out in force protesting how the

The Not-so-United Kingdom

Scotland's Facebook post

Yesterday, Scotland voted 55/45 to remain within the United Kingdom rather than separating off into an independent state that hasn’t existed since 1707. Friction on the matter has existed pretty much forever.  The Scottish see themselves as having a different culture than the English, although as someone living in the melting pot of America I have a hard time seeing it. More importantly, the rhetoric has long been in terms of being under foreign rule, much like Ireland, which eventually

GISHWHES Chaos and Hilarity, part 3

This is the last of the GISHWHES submissions.  You can read about previous ones involving myself as well as those submitted by my remote teammates. A Novel Life Form I created this the same day I made the tribute to Stonehenge Apocalypse (featured in a previous post).  By day’s end, me and my living room were covered in bits of paint, paper mache, scraps of American Gods, which was sacrificed for the project, wire, saran wrap, foam and Sculpey clay.

GISHWHES Chaos and Hilarity, Part 2: The Away Teams

Continuing from my first installment of submissions… All GISHWHES teams have exactly 15 members.  Since we had a team of three, we were combined with other teams, a totally of five teams of three, to be exact. Here is the second installment of hilarity from our GISHWHES team, this time from our non-local team members. Create the next hip facial hair look or hipster accessory   Trickle-down economics You’ve heard of Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle-down Economics”? The idea is that when

GISHWHES Chaos and Hilarity


The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Known (GISHWHES) has kept me mostly silent this past week as I have run around town being generally insane.  The contest has now ended, although it will be at least a month before winners are announced. The contest was a week long and consisted of 185 items for teams of 15 to potentially accomplish.  Some are simple, like take a CPR course (which a friend and I completed) or learn an

Scavenger Hunt Challenge: I Don’t Get Harry Potter

All this week I am participating in GISHWSHES, a worldwide charity scavenger hunt.  One of my tasks is to come up with a phrase to be abbreviated IDGHP.  Bonus points if it catches on. So: how come House Ravenclaw’s mascot is an eagle?  IDGHP  (I Don’t Get Harry Potter) Create your own statements about Harry Potter you don’t “get”. Share them on social media.  Make this a thing.  #IDGHP #IDontGetHarryPotter

Christian Wicca; or, Forcing Square Pegs into Round Holes

This article was originally written for my Wicca website, currently undergoing updates. To my knowledge,  there is a single book and website written by a Christian Wiccan. That website has changed multiple times, rendering my original footnotes useless.  As of May 25, 2014, the website’s domain is expired, leaving nothing at all to be referenced.  This is why most quotes here have no source notations. There is also an article about it at, which lists my original article on

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