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Yes, I really am selling Roman coins!

Roman coin with garnet necklace

I’m having a terrible time convincing would-be customers that my genuine coins are, indeed, genuine. I think the disconnect comes from the assumption that very old things must be expensive. My moderate prices clash with that expectation. Read more at my Reminted Jewelry site…  

Where to more easily find me

Coming back here, I suddenly remember why I stopped posting: the back end of this blog is inexplicably slow. Like minutes to load a page slow. So I don’t know how many more times I’m going to come over here and brave it. I do have a blog over at Reminted Jewelry:   You can also follow Reminted Jewelry on Facebook:   I really wish Word Press would just work. It works for the RJ site. I don’t

Valentinian I

Roman coin and teal beads necklace

I’m trying to have something to say about every emperor I have a coin for, but Valentinian I has been difficult, even though he was a pretty good emperor. He is known as the last great emperor of the West. After his death, the Western Roman Empire accelerated in its decline, while the Eastern Empire continued to thrive. The best I got is this: Valentinian had a long career as a successful general. However, in 375, visiting envoys to his

A New Project: Reminted Jewelry

Coin jewelry from Reminted Jewelry

I know: I never call. I never write. Truth be told, I lost my inspiration for this blog. For more than a year, I was bursting with things I wanted to talk about. And then the ideas kind of dried up. I was also busy with other writing projects, including a novel which will absolutely never see the light of day. But I have a new project: Reminted Jewelry. The short version of how it came to be: Grandpa bought

The Separation of Britain and Europe

Signposts bearing flags of UK and EU

Even before Brexit, there were debates as to whether the UK should be described as a European country. On one hand, the UK is certainly culturally closer to European countries than, say, Asian ones. On the other hand, there are significant differences between UK and the rest of Europe.

Empty London: Sheltering from the Blitz

Bus in Crater, London Blitz

In the early 19th century, this grand city became the first in the modern world* to reach a population of one million, and over the next 100 years, that number multiplied six times over.  By the mid-20th century, London was home to over 8 million people. Not that you’d think it looking at London at the height of the Blitz in 1940.  Buildings lay in crumbling ruins.  Millions of people are missing, either serving in the armed forces or having

Wasted Potential: Doctor Who’s “Hell Bent”

The net is dark and full of spoilers! This article discusses the Doctor Who episode “Hell Bent,” as well as other events in season 9.

It’s not that they didn’t do what I was hoping they would do. It’s that they really didn’t do anything at all. “Hell Bent” squandered what the season had established, resulting in a bland and confusing finale that flattered neither the Doctor nor Clara.

The Weight of Sacrifice: Countdown to the Doctor Who Season Finale

The net is dark and full of spoilers.

This review discusses incidents which occur in the Doctor Who episodes “Face the Raven” and “Heaven Sent.”

Steven Moffat is poised to cap an already excellent season with a terrific three-part finale, two of which have now aired. A lot happened in those two episodes, and a lot more is promised for the final one, “Hell Bent,” scheduled for this Saturday, Dec. 5 on BBC America.

Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI

For the fifth year, the Promethean Society has presented the Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI, where builders display all manner of working gadgets and non-working props.

And for the fifth year, I continue to be amazed by the entries. People submit all manner of props: rocket packs, weapons, detectors, time machines, breathing apparatus, scientific kits, gauntlets, communicators, vehicles and more created from a vast array of materials.

Doctor’s Who’s “Sleep No More” A Horror in All the Wrong Ways

Doctor Who Sleep No More Doctor and Clara

“You must not watch this.”

It’s the opening line of Doctor Who’s episode “Sleep No More,” and everyone should totally heed it: turn it off, delete it from your DVR, and find yourself a better story to watch. Or get a snack. Or go to bed. Just don’t put yourself through this nightmare of an episode.

The following contains spoilers. I’m providing them as a public service to save you from having to watch this story.

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